Saturday, September 01, 2012

Kevin Kangas Sees the Future*

As it turns out, there are undermounts specifically designed for the AR Drone to carry a Go Pro camera.
The thing I'd prefer not to have is the GoPro's absurdly fisheye lens. Pthu.
But maybe there's some other lightweight options out there with lenses which aren't so wide-angled? Something that'll do at least a 4/3rds sensor at 23.98? If we have to shoot 60 then we'll just pretend all the footage is "overcranked" and we slow it down in post maybe? I really don't want to get wider than the equivalent of about a 28mm in APS-C.

*See comment in post below.


Kangas said...

Ha, if I could see the future I would have seen the internet coming, and moved to destroy its creators before they could create it. Also, I would have created the iphone and made myself rich.

Isn't there something that shows how much weight that copter carries safely? I mean, my T2i with the kit lens really isn't that heavy...

Also, found this video and apparently the new gopros have settings so you can shoot narrower:

Andrew Bellware said...

I've been looking on the Interwebs about information on making the 'copter carrying another kind of camera. The GoPro is pretty darn light.
And with the narrower setting it might be just right for us...