Monday, September 03, 2012

QC the QC

Today's excitement is making the "C" version of Prometheus Trap. That is, making all the QC changes that the distributor wants.
Again, this still is just a bit dark because of the gamma difference between your monitor and video.
The distributor hated the original version of this shot because I'd boosted the exposure four stops (in the live-action part of the shot on the bottom left.)
So instead I replaced the back wall altogether and let the live action part of the shot go into the inky blacks. You'll still see some movement there in the lower left (and we go immediately into a closeup). But the video noise from bringing up the exposure so much won't be there. Making the shot look better.
I really thought I couldn't do this with the shot. But the composite actually sits pretty well. I did a poopity job with the exposure when we shot this wide but I did a decent job with the composition.
It's funny -- we never get "you have to change the ending, you can't have everybody die." Indeed, we have almost complete creative license to do whatever we want. We do get hit on the fact that our movies only cost a couple million dollars and not several million dollars quality control issues in picture and sound.

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