Wednesday, September 05, 2012


The GoPro is available "naked" (just how I like my cameras.) Welcome to the world of today, where I work on the 12 pages of QC notes we just got hit with.
I just ordered the GoPro. We're going to use it on this dragon movie once we get started shooting.
 But ordering it directly from the GoPro site is about twenty bucks cheaper even with shipping.
In the meantime, has anybody edited a feature with the new Lightworks?
Because, you know, it's only sixty bucks and if it could replace Final Cut Pro I would be there in a New York minute.
The King's Speech was edited with it. So too Hugo.
I'm scared. Hold me.
The FedEx with the 9pm deadline is at 70 Spring Street.
Did I mention that today is re-delivery day for Prometheus Trap? I'm hoping we're solving our fun QC rejections.
Ha! There's someone standing there. Am I allowed to blame the editor? I think I will. It's the editor's fault.

It's a Sartre reference for crying out loud.
Normally by this point in the movie we'd have been able to upload mixed acts to the Internet and let our inner circle see them. But we've been so crammed for time that just hasn't been able to happen.
You have no idea how much this shot has plagued me.
 Hunting down matte lines can be nigh on impossible because oftentimes they don't show in the Final Cut Pro prerender. But boy do they show up in the final render.
This was properly identified as an Andrew Kramer energy orb. I stand guilty.
Sometimes there's no time to make a new effect. Sometimes I just steal title treatments from
Because I'm a sleazy producer, that's why.
Too noisy in the background.


Aric Blue said...

Hey, I'm not sure that Gopro does the 3 different angles(the wide/medium/narrow) that I pointed out. The Gopro Hero2 does, which may be why it's $250(that's the one I ordered)...

So if you need that, I'd double check on that cam u ordered...

Andrew Bellware said...

It does two angles. Hmm... I'll double-check that!

Kangas said...

Just got mine today. I'm busy this weekend, but I'm psyched to test it out next week. (I talked to one dude who said he strapped one on his dick and fucked his gf with it...I don't think I'm gonna do that, but it's pretty creative, ya gotta admit. :)