Friday, September 14, 2012

What To Do

You can tell how completely out-of-touch I am with the arthouse film world because I didn't even realize the Toronto International Film Festival was going on right now.
It's on 'till the 16th.
So first I'm all like, I wanna do a Dark Star mockbuster. And Chance Shirley is all like "You should do a mockbuster of Robopocalypse" and I'm all like "Yeah." And then he's all like "Look at this list to figure out what movies to make." And I'm all like "Whoa."
I'm going through many pages of notes on Prometheus Trap. The sound editor had a couple pages of notes, the picture editor had a half-dozen pages of notes (and I've already been through about 10 pages of notes from the distributor and some ungodly number of notes from the producer.)

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