Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day, Uh, Something

I'm a little confused about what day of shooting this is. Because I labeled a day of shooting like four shots of an air intake building of the Holland Tunnel as "reel one" and so our actual principal photography began with "reel two" and really I should have labeled that first day as "B roll day 01" or something.
Leslie Ann Chastain getting some help from Tom Rowen putting mud on her face.
 We went to a lot of trouble to find a spot with no poison ivy to shoot this.
Leslie wears a Tyrannosaurus Mouse T-shirt.
I've shot 1000 stills with the Panasonic GH1 at this point. Or at least 1000 stills since the last time I reset the counter
No gang signs!
Tom Rowen gets ready to slate.
 It occurs to me that maybe this is the break of 2000 or 3000 stills. I don't actually know how to read the file numbers.
The non-creepy Tom Rowen menaces Annalisa Loeffler.
I'd like to point out that Tom actually wrote this scene with the hillbilly cannibals. And he wrote this part for himself. So you know, whatever he's trying to say here. Uh. Yeah.
You menace one lady, and this is what you get for your trouble.
Joe Chapman made us this great knife gag -- actually casting it from the Gerber hunting knife we're using. The hunting knife is comically difficult to remove from its scabbard.
It's not a good day to be a hillbilly cannibal in the Dismal Swamp. Tom Rowen (dead), Annalisa Loeffler (standing), Leslie Ann Chastain (dead), and Julia Rae Maldonado.
Coming upon a witch. That's actually Leslie Ann Chastain shemping for Rebecca Kush (who will be shot in closeup later.)

Today's CSI team will be played by Christopher "Cletus" Pope and John Dillon.
Producers demanded a photograph of the "Skunk Cabbage" sign.
 I think one of the trees with a bat box was knocked down by the hurricane. But mostly the swamp looks pretty good. Leaves are gone by now, of course.
I'm makin' art here. 

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