Thursday, November 29, 2012


Tonight I played with the City Samanas at their groovy rehearsal time-share space at Smith and 9th in Brooklyn.
I realize these pictures look as though I took some grainy pictures of each of the CS and then composited my ridiculous face on top.
Dave Wolfe and Andrew Bellware.
In fact, it sure doesn't look like I'm playing in any of these pictures. And, of course, I'm not. Because I'm taking pictures. Sheesh.
We had loads of fun. You know, two chords (because after all, who can remember three chords, amirite?) Big, lush, ambient stuff.
Andrew Bellware with Greg Bartus.
I played the SG through the Marshall 800 at the studio (and I used my MXR analog delay).

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gbartus said...

Although the pics make it look like you (Drew) were having all the fun, I think we all had an awesome time playing together!!!