Thursday, November 29, 2012

Interiors to come

There's been entirely too little drinking on the set of the dragon movie. I have no idea what's up with that. Somebody should look into that problem during the post-mortem.
I am shooting a very low ratio on this picture. I'm being kinda a jerk about it -- not because I'm some sort of auteur "editing in camera" but simply because I want to keep our options in post to a minimum. The fewer the options, the faster the edit happens.
I'm very deliberately trying to keep the number of shots with dragons in them to a minimum. And when we do have a dragon I try to make sure it's in front of everything. In other words there's nothing between the camera and the dragon but some air. A dragon can occlude a person, but we don't want to have to deal with it the other way around.
We're finished shooting exteriors. At least scheduled exteriors. I think we need a shot of Amelia and Miranda approaching Gregor's hut. And we need at least one more shot of Amelia walking with her dragon and a dragon POV of her. And we may still yet need the dragon that kills me to swoop at me on a roof.
Map of the world being made by Hanna Garland.
We have about a quarter of the picture edited. This weekend we have to start readying material for upload to Nathan Vegdahl for him to start animating some dragons within.
And in the meantime Jeremy Crowson is building new sound effects for Angry Planet and I'm creating new mixes. We have a deadline of December 15th for the new movie.

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