Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Houston, We Have a Location

We have to shoot a whole bunch of days here. This is Lightbox New York.

Here's some detail outside the windows. It's just industrial and more windows.

The space can do a bunch of different things. This is outside the "main" door.

There's a production office. It might end up being our "saloon". Either way, it's a good place to keep the computer(s) and have lunch.

We can even shoot on the roof.

I'm thinking this could work for Hellcat Prime. We'll shoot that with the principals at lunch or something. Oh, why would we do that? Everybody's gotta have lunch! (Including me!)

The space has a few different "looks" which we could use as a variety of inside sections of the fallout shelter and "Main Street".

We got a really good feeling from Ray, who manages the place and showed us around.

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