Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meet Your Marker

We need markers -- mostly for the purpose of camera tracking but also so that we have a little indicator of where force fields go. I thought there would just be some markers out there in the wilderness of Necrosis 6. Brian has drawn this. I think a pair of them would make excellent markers. (Imagine it about 3 feet tall.)

Mac keeps acting surprised that we're shooting in two weeks. He keeps saying "but do you have any money?" I keep telling him that we're making the movie for $1.98 and half a bag of potato chips. Somehow he doesn't believe me. Perhaps that's because in his contract there are provisions for him getting paid if we should get outside financing and he dreams of quitting his day job. Poor fellow, he was hoping to ride our coattails on the way to fortune? He's just going to follow us down the rabbit hole only to find a bottle labeled "Drink Me".
Which is better than getting cut on the mirror on the way through.


Chance Shirley said...

"I don't need money to make a movie -- I have a CAMERA!"

Andrew Bellware said...

Exactly right! And I don't care that it's the camera in my phone! ;-)

Anonymous said...

pay the writer? Silly writer, trix are for kids.

Like the Polish Actress who tried to get ahead in Hollywood by sleeping with a screenwriter.

Now the, I love Polish people, I do. Polish people are wonderful people.

And I'm a screenwriter, so draw your own conclusions.