Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Insurance and Contracts

Today's big missions are to get insurance and contracts. And perhaps unitards too. I gotta see.

Here's an interesting article about the return of mom-and-pop video stores "Blockbuster and Movie Gallery (which now owns Hollywood Video) together have closed nearly 800 stores out of 10,000 over the last year and a half."
That does not necessarily help us though. Blockbuster bought our first title Pandora Machine -- about 4800 units at $7 a piece. And although that wasn't a giant sale even then, it was nice to have them pick us up. The mom-and-pop stores don't tend to buy our kinds of movies.
But we'll see.

We are entirely cast on Angry Planet. At least, we're cast for the first weekend of shooting! Greg Bodine will play "Cub".

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Chance Shirley said...

Yay, casting!

Let us know how the insurance thing goes. I've never had the guts to even see how much insurance for a shoot costs...