Monday, August 20, 2007

I am Surrounded By Genius

Like one of God's ministering angels, Sharon Fogarty descends upon the earth to deliver the Word. I've seen almost every play she's put on since about 2000.

"Portrait of the Artist as a Dumb Blonde" playing now at Theatresource not only has the best title of any show I've ever seen, it's also beautiful and transcendent. I'm a little embarrassed that she would write and perform a show about all the secret things that I, and only I, have ever felt and never told anyone about. Or wait, no, the entire audience feels she's made a play just for them. Individually.
I love Sharon. It's OK. I admit it. I want to have her baby.
And she looks good blonde.
Hope Garland was in the show and she sang. I thought "I didn't know Hope could sing." She sang like musical theater was her day job. She can dance, she can act, she can sing. And she's a hysterical therapist.
From Hope

She also has the most wonderful haunting eyes. If you want to see more Hope go back and watch my cinematography reel. She's all over it.

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