Thursday, August 02, 2007

More tests!

As I recover from having the bone of a dead person inserted in my jaw (don't ask) I am conducting more tests. We're getting closer to getting the whole camera rig to work but it's been slow going.

Here's Jen Thomas with a big gun. I think we have the 50mm up. Yeah, it was the 50.

Right now I'm rating the DVX100 with the whole kit and kaboodle at about ISO 100. That means we needs a LOT of light!

We'll do some tests with the HVX200 to find out what that thing needs. Oof!

Here's Diana Ferrante. We're on the 85mm, at f1.8 I believe. Notice the color. In both cases we're going a bit green although with Diana we're hitting her with tungsten kino lamps. Jennifer is getting hit with a florescent "screw in" lamp in a medium base (office) light which explains that color on her.

Kathleen Kwan with a Kino (I just had to say that.)

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