Saturday, August 11, 2007

What is Blake All About?

Blake is the Angry Planet "razorgirl". She's Terran, heavily modified, though. Major portions of her skeleton have been replaced with carbon fiber endoskeleton sections. Her eyes have been replaced with very expensive biomech sensors, allowing her to see far beyond the normal human spectrum of light into ultraviolet and infrared. The procedures to turn her into this high-tech marvel were extraordinarily painful.

In order to pay for these procedures she had signed up for Terran Special Forces back before the war when they were still taking "biologics" in. TSF did the mods on her over a period of two years. Now Blake is faster than any non-modded human, she is stronger than all but the strongest humans, she can survive for upwards of 10 minutes in the vacuum of space.
In the TSF Blake was part of a ship-to-ship assault unit. This was very exotic and specialized stuff. They would target Xik cruisers and board them, killing all the Xik before they had a chance to scuttle. This is the highest end combat work in all of Terran Forces.
The assault of Hellcat Prime however -- that was a problem. The mission was a suicide mission which the morons at Terran High Command had "planned". Normally her unit wouldn't go on an air-drop down to a dirt planet but that's what they were told to do and they did it. The 9 member team was almost immediately wiped out by the massive Xik army on the surface. Blake stole aboard a landing boat which had just dumped its cargo of infantry and was returning to it's mothership in orbit.
Just as the landing boat arrived at its troop carrier mothership and opened it's doors in order for another group of soldiers to board, a Xik surface-to-space missile penetrated the hull of the mothership, blowing he air seals. Everyone aboard died almost instantaneously.
Blake sealed the landing boat and launched. She piloted away from Hellcat Prime and was picked up while floating though the outer reaches of the Hellcat system about two weeks later by a Terran Special Forces unit which had survived the Hellcat Prime assault. They were all "artificials" -- androids. (As it turned out, only androids survived the Hellcat Prime operation.)
Blake was immediately court martialed and sentenced to life imprisonment on Necrosis 6.
She's not at all like the low-level mud drek soldiers she's stuck with here. She's far more sophisticated. They're barely combat capable. She can do things these morons couldn't even dream of.
It's not that she doesn't respect Stahl. He's a good officer. And although she's not sure, she suspects that the reason he's here is that he refused to send his company down to Hellcat Prime. But he's clearly partly insane -- it could be the device, or he could have started that way. Her device doesn't affect her too much. It's probably all the mods she'd had -- the device just doesn't know what to do. But she doesn't let anyone know.
Terran Special Forces is all androids now. They don't even use razorgirls like Blake anymore. . .

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