Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Hate Facebook

Facebook has a terrible and unintuitive interface. It's nigh on impossible to use.

You're thinking: "Aw Drew, you're old! You just don't understand."

Oh yeah? This year I learned to animate and composite in Blender. You like complicated and convoluted interfaces? I'll show you one. Plus, I learned how to use nested comps in Adobe After Effects. That will fry your mind. I can understand some complicated crap.

Just not Facebook.

Come sit with me for 15 minutes as I show you how to create and import a 3D camera track into Blender using Python.

I promise you will be on your knees and in tears at how counterintuitive it is.

You better remember that layer one has to be turned on because the Voodoo camera tracking script we're using defaults to placing the camera, the render cloud, and the environment on layer one.

Then we're going to set the background image as an environment in the project's "world". Yeah, that's when it starts going good baby.

You will plead with me to stop as I show you how to select a camera, make the view conform to that camera, click off and on the "lock" button so the renders always use that camera and not the other object you have selected as the "camera".

You will beg for a quick and painless death as I show you how to make sure the z-buffer is being used on output so the node editor can calculate the depth of field using the camera distance and f-stop.

You will ask your Maker why He has forsaken you when I open the Targa sequence, flipping from RGB to Alpha channel in the viewer and adjust the gamma of the Alpha channel so the composite will actually work in AfterEffects.

Yes. I do these things every day now.

But Facebook? I have no freakin' idea.

I get an email saying that someone has written something on my "Fun Wall". I click on the link to see what they've written. Nothing. It takes me to my Profile page and... nothing. There's no new message there.

So I click on "Fun Wall" in Applications, and it takes me to "Create A Post For All Your Friends". So I click on the "My Fun Wall" tab and... nothing. The post from the email just isn't there. Same thing with "Super Fun Wall".

All this just so people can throw turkeys and sheep at one another?

Furthermore "Spam My Friends" seems to be the default application. For instance, you can't use the "Sketch Me" application without spamming a minimum of 10 of your friends with it first. That's just evil isn't it? If anyone knows how to use that thing without "inviting" a bunch of your friends to use it, please tell me.


UPDATE: Oh look! What the link in the email from Facebook does is takes you to your profile page but with an anchor deep in the page on the "mini-feed", below the "Super Fun Wall", below almost everything else. If it takes, say, 15 seconds to load the page (that not being unusual -- Facebook not having the fastest servers in the world) you will likely think it's not working.

The message still doesn't work if I go to the Fun Wall tab but it shows up in my mini-feed. According to my cousin Kelly the message can be seen if you visit my profile from another account.

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