Monday, January 07, 2008

Other Movies

Because I'm emulating Chance, I've been looking around on the webernet for pre-existing spaceship sets (because unlike Chance, I don't have any friends who just happen to have those kinds of things lying around). ;-) And in my journeys I've stumbled on some interesting things.

In Asheville, NC (which really is a lovely town) there's the movie Moon Europa which seems to be an art-house sci-fi pic. At least that's what I gather from the teaser trailer on the site.
They do a nice job with the early-70's all-white aesthetic. Packing Styrofoam has gotten me pretty far up 'till now. I'm sure it'll continue to provide repeatably molded goodness in set designs.

While looking at the site for Venus Rises (and they have some very nice-looking sets) I stumbled upon IllusionTV "on-demand sci-fi". This is a digital cable network which will offer Venus Rises as a series.

As a distribution channel that's kind of interesting. I wonder if it's actually possible to make any money at it though.

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Chance Shirley said...

Emulating me? Brother, that is not an advisable course of action. I mean, I'm the asshole who has been shooting a movie for almost a year and only has five minutes of said movie edited.

I want to chat sometime about your 2.5 movie a year plan, along with all the stuff we didn't get to talk about while I was in NYC. I'll try you on the IM as soon as I have some time.