Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And the Winner Is

Color. I was hoping for Black and White goodness but the masses have spoken. And the masses are probably right. We do as they command from their screaming hordes below my balcony. My centurions will throw to them stale bread to eat and they shall be served a cheap fermented libation to keep them sedated and quiet. This is how I rule my contented kingdom.*

I guess that the logo will end up being slightly different on each picture. Sometimes the whole thing needs to be shorter, sometimes we don't need the closeup, sometimes we need a closeup of someone else (but only when the next shot would be the same actress in character.) So for Solar Vengeance we used the whole colorized logo but for Alien Uprising we've made it shorter.

In any case, that's for your help! Now the poll may leave the sidebar.

*What am I saying? Only 10 people voted. Including me. This is hardly a statistically valid sample. Yet still. I listen. And obey. 

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