Sunday, November 16, 2008


All my websites are down. My service provider emailed me at 6am that the yearly attempt to charge my credit card failed. By 10pm they suspended my account.

Now firstly, I'd appreciate it if they'd told me (say) a week ago that my yearly bill was due. And secondly, I'd appreciate it if they'd give me like a week to deal with it. Of course the credit card they had on file didn't work -- it had been stolen so I just got it replaced. But besides that, a yearly recurring bill? That's the sort of thing that'll surprise most anyone.

So gee whiz, guys. Give a fellow more than 16 hours (on a weekend yet!) to deal with his billing. And put my freakin' sites back up!


Other than that, $100 a year for 10GB, unlimited domains, and 100GB of transfer is not too bad.

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