Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some News

The thing Frank Sinatra and I have in common is that we both loved Ava Gardner more than she loved us.
Now for some good news:

We got some sales for Alien Uprising at the American Film Market! We got about half the sales we wanted. But at least we got sales. And we got these sales before we're out of post-production. We have sales to Japan, Russia, and Thailand. Hopefully we'll announce more sales soon.

So that's cool.

I have a feeling that puts us ahead of a lot of more-expensively produced pictures.

Actually, I know this puts us ahead of a lot of more expensively produced pictures. A lot.

But who thought that starting a new company in the worst recession since the Great Depression was a good idea? Who was that moron? Oh. It was me. Oops. We're going to have to simultaneously reduce our budgets and make our pictures better. Again.

In any case, having some cash coming in will make me feel vastly better. Actually, I feel myself breathing again. That's when you bring air in and out of your lungs, right? I haven't done that for so long I think I forgot.


Chance's groovy Norway trip and last night's conversation with Jim Mickle have me converted to submitting to European fantastic film festivals. I'm getting on that right away.


Filed under "she actually looks better as she gets older". Pictures of a model "aged" from 10 to 60.


Chance Shirley said...

Thanks for that EFFF link... I'll be submitting Interplanetary, too!

Andrew Bellware said...

Next up is Portugal! Time for grappa and port!