Saturday, November 01, 2008

McCain for Obama

Few people are aware that I am John McCain's ad director. It's true. Although I'm an ardent Obama supporter, the McCain campaign has hired me to do their national television spots.*

The job is pretty easy. I tell the boys in the back room all kinds of things they want to hear and then I go and make an ad which makes my man Barack Obama look pretty good. They get an ad they like, Obama gets an ad which works for him, and I get a big fat paycheck paid by money from Republican donors**. Everybody wins.

Here's my latest "anti-Obama" ad. Hey, what can I say? The guys who picked Sarah Palin approved it before it went to air. It shows Obama's greatest weakness: his ability to work with other people. Or wait, what? You guys are kidding, right? I put that ad together down at the DNC's studios with Joe Biden. They were going to air it. I only showed it to the McCain Campaign by accident.

Oh? Your guys want to air it? Um. OK. You sure you have enough money to pay for it? Where's my check?   

You know, it's true. Barack Obama is the perfect Republican candidate. Not for the crazies, of course, but for the old-school Republicans who can't stand the Republican party anymore.

*You might not have heard, but their vetting process is not very good.
**Man, I so WISH that were true.

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