Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bad Voter

I'm a bad voter.

My cousin Kelly sent this to me. I suppose it's because she's Canadian and she figures that just because they messed up their election so badly, that's no reason we should mess up ours.

Either that, or as a Quebecer, she heard Sarah Palin punked on the radio. 


So I voted. But I was a very very bad citizen. First of all, with all the hoopla I had no idea there was a House and a Senate race. New Jersey is such a blue state it almost doesn't matter, I'm sure those races aren't close. But I had no idea.

And there were TWO "Public Questions". Aargh. I had no idea how to answer them. So I didn't vote on the public questions. Sorry!

Also, our town and county are so blue that no Republican is ever elected. So my dad convinces me every year to vote Republican in local races in the hopes that the county Freeholders (whatever those are) and the Borough Council will have some Republicans on them. The joke: you're supposed to vote for two Members of the Borough Council and the Republicans only had one guy on the ballot. Feh.

My only other issue is that I'm not sure I spelled "Huckabee" right in the write-in portion of the ballot... ;-)

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