Friday, March 11, 2011

Are You A Man?

Are you an actor? You wanna be in a play? You wanna be in a good play?

Mozz Mendez is casting his next play, Marq as Unread. Mozz is one of only a handful of playwrights whom I'd trust to direct his own work. Ha! That's because he has a tremendous critical distance with his own work and is willing to cut stuff that, although it might be fine in the moment, doesn't work for the whole play. He also wrote the brilliant Thoroughly Stupid Things.

Now he's decided he wants to make a modern gay Les Liaisons dangereuses so you know it'll be 1. brilliant and 2. a hit. Here's the casting notice:
Auditions will be scheduled at a later date for
a workshop in APRIL and will be by appointment.  

As always, I like to work with a cast from workshop
through production.  So it's a very involved but 
ultimately rewarding process. 

and, just so you know, once in Production.THERE WILL BE NUDITY.
and there will be Men making out with Men.
I mean, all over the place.  So don't submit if you're skittish. or
homophobic in ANY WAY. 

2 roles require the knowledge of Piano or Guitar.  Preference would
be given to those who can play either, really, really well. 

To submit, send your digital headshot and resume to
Me at mendez aaaaahhht [editor's note from Drew, since I'm posting this I figured I'd take out the html for mozz's email address. You use the Internet, you can figure it out.]


CAST IS A FOLLOWS:  (in order of most nude scenes!)

Victor Valmont:
30's, Devishly Handsome, very rich and
spends an obscene amount of time at the gym.  

"I know he loves me.  But all I have is proof of his strength to resist me. "
Marq Marteuil: 
30's, Rich young attorney, very ambitious and driven.  Very well put together
and distant, He is completely respected by his friends and all who know him. He also 
has an innocent charm that belies his true personality.  Still Waters run deep after all.

"Gay men are never that secure in themselves, the minute you say you like them, they'll think something is wrong with them."
Adam Tourvel:
30's,  Very handsome and very sweet. Adam is a recovering 
alcoholic and drug addict.  So he has given up the lifestyle and is an extremely committed 
relationship. That is until Victor comes along. 

"People think that love leads to happiness.  I can tell you that it does not.  It's very peaceful not to feel those feelings."
Cy Volange:
Must look 15 years old.   Innocent EMO type.
15 year old music prodigy (must play GUITAR and or PIANO) I know, I'm so demanding.
has come to spend the summer in New York with his 
brother Madison, an attorney in Marq's firm.  He's completey naive and innocent
but Marq sees him as completely corruptable.

"My brother tells me that it is wrong for two men to fall in love.
But why?  It's New York, almost every man is in love with another."

20's, Victor's best friend, Emmy is a Tony Award Winning Musical Theatre Actor
and loves to have fun, he's extremely flamboyant or as Marq puts it,

"He is one chop and an estrogen syringe away from being a woman."

Madison Volange:
35-45,Straight, attorney at Marq's firm, and Marq considers him his enemy, uses his
good looks to land gay clients, as he considers their expendable income something
he should get his hands on.  His little brother Cy has been found out to be gay
and has been sent to spend the summer with Madison so he can be brotherly to him, a job
he leaves to Marq.

"Victor never takes an action without carefully plotting the damage
he will cause.  There is no one he's ever encountered that hasn't had a reason to regret it."

40's - 50's,  Ex-drag queen, now dying of lung cancer after years of smoking.
He was and is Adam's sponsor. A very good man, who still wants to smoke more than anything.

"Those who are worthy of love are rarely made happy by it."
Charlie Danceny:
23, intern at Marq and Madison's law firm.  He's an ex-juilliard graduate, now
in law school.   MUST PLAY THE GUITAR and or the PIANO, as he will be
playing two songs and the music through transitions.  Falls for the very young Cy.

"To tell you the truth, I was kind of consumed with hopeless worry.  I don't know what's wrong with me. He's a kid."

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