Friday, March 18, 2011


Watching Chance Shirley's Interplanetary yet again, this time to listen to the commentary track, drives me to fits of envy and momentary thankfulness.

For instance: man, he has a mars buggy in his basement.

That's some world-class envy I got right there.

Did I mention Chance owns his own Mars buggy? Sure, it has no engine but.

Furthermore, the movie is just brilliant.

Under "thankful" or perhaps, uncharitably, "schadenfreude", it's hysterical to me to see people with the same kinds of problems we run into when making a movie. It's not just your straight-up movie making issues like lighting or sound. It's things like freakin' space helmets. Just like Chance, we've had adventures with space helmets ourselves. Helmets have two major problems: breathing and seeing. I guess those are only major problems for your actors. Or anyone they run into. Or anyone they collapse onto.

Chance says that if he had the opportunity to make the movie again he could make it cost half as much and be twice as good. I'll buy the making it for half the cost thing. But twice as good? The universe would implode if this picture were twice as good. It's too good already.

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Chance Shirley said...

It's great to know I'm not the only guy who is trying to build a better space helmet! And thanks again for doing the commentary with me. Good times!