Thursday, March 03, 2011

On My To-Do List

  • Maduka is suggesting Gaussian blur for the transitions in Earthkiller. 
  • I am thinking of the "standard" robots in Robowar. We have three options: we could build a single mech and shoot it so that it is duplicated and looks like a platoon of mechs, we could use a smaller version of the CG giant robot "big bad" used later in the movie, or we could use Brian's robot/soldier costume. 
  • If we were to build a mech, it would have to be bipedal, and the knees would have to go forward (like people, not backwards like birds). 

Plus, of course, we really need to finish that scene where Foxwell kills the big bad robot. How does she do it?  You've read the script, right? So tell me.


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