Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Project Management

I don't have a good way to manage projects. I mean, other than me keeping everything in my head and trying to make sure everything gets done. And when I say "projects" I mean post-production. (Funny thing about "production" -- the method of project management for production has been around for 50 or more years, a production manager's job is not so different now than it was in the early days of talkies. You'd have to talk them through the process of using a computer but the way to schedule a movie -- making sure all actors and props and crew and wardrobe and craft services are at the location or set on any given day -- is essentially the same.)

We have 58 days to complete Earthkiller and have it back from the lab.



Kangas said...

2 things: what's that picture from. It's cool, and I'm not just talking about the smoking CGI ass.

2nd, this post doesn't make sense to me. You don't have a way to manage a project in post production? In what way?

And I wish I had time, I'd edit you a trailer for Day 2 or Solar Vengeance if you gave me some nice footage. I enjoy cutting trailers(and seem to have had some success with it...)

But no time...

Andrew Bellware said...

I should have credited that image. I have now put a credit at the bottom of the post.

I don't really have a great way of showing how our post-production pipeline works. We split up the picture into acts and different picture editors work on the acts, while visual effects are created and put into the timeline in a variety of ways. Sometimes visual effects are then updated.
The picture then gets shot-to-shot color correction while the acts are locked and we export OMF's for audio editing and mixing (and music).

So... I'm just trying to figure out what deadlines we put in place for what work.