Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Costume Notes

FOXWELL (F) Tight leather pants, tall black boots, a bomber jacket over a sleeveless undershirt, a BLASTER strapped to her thigh. She scans the horizon with BINOCULARS.
To her left:
HAMMERMILL (M) Black fatigues and flak jacket, he has a RAIL GUN slung over his shoulder and his eyes are down, intently reading his SCANNER.
TANGO (M) Communications specialist. He has a BACKPACK with an ANTENNA sticking out. He wears a HEADSET.
CAGE (F) Sniper.
MOONEY (M) Heavy weapons specialist. Carries a quad-mini gun with 50-caliber incendiaries.

Other than Bellware, who wears a star, and Doc who wears a faded RED CROSS, they wear no identity badges or insignias; they're ghosts.
They're also, each of them, battle scarred and in some way BIONICALLY ENHANCED. Clearly, they've seen some action.

Doc Ponce, the medic - holds a TABLET. The computer projects a 3-d hologram of a transvestite stripper. PONCE salivates, adjusting the PROSTHETIC EYE PIECE that is attached to his head. The stripper will be played by your mom. UPDATE: this bit of business has been cut.

Here's a list of Russian Swear Words

It's implied that Rathbone carries a grenade launcher. And they're apparently carrying explosives. So a couple knapsacks are in order.

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