Monday, January 09, 2012

Blender in Space

A basic tutorial on the Blender interface. This was put together by Michael Richards, via the New York City Blender meetup group.
These dudes have a replica of the International Space Station. They also have a bunch of space suits and space helmets for rent and for sale. Plus they'll make custom ones for you.
Speaking of making spacesuit helmets, one way to go is to simply get a welding helmet, put clear plexiglass in it, and light it from the inside with LED's or florescent lights.
But the thing is that what you really want is one of these three-panel faceplates. That way you can actually see the actor inside, which is, you know, dramatically important.
I got a rich man's problems with a poor man's pocketbook. Distributor is screaming for us to finish this picture. So back to work for me...

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