Tuesday, January 17, 2012


That thing that Pete Townsend wore with The Who, the shirt with the RAF target? That symbol is called the RAF Roundel. Even moreso: the French Air Force were the first to have one (different colors).
Here's a huge one (that's what she said.)
Stu Maschwitz linked to this DSLR mount on the Twitters. But so far there's only one review of it. It is, however, only three hundred bucks.

I'm kinda interested in seeing this opera, Miranda.


Kangas said...

I'll let ya know what I think about the mount. Hell, it's only $300, so I ordered it. Also ordered this, 'cause it seemed awful cheap. http://www.amazon.com/NEEWER-DSLR-Foldable-Viewfinder-Magnification/dp/B004HD3G6Q/ref=pd_bxgy_p_text_b

Andrew Bellware said...

Do post a review! That will be most educational.