Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Antibiotics make me... spacey. And I take 'em twice a day and for at least an hour, maybe two, after taking them I am very spaced out. I try to not schedule any meetings during that time.
But they eradicated me being sick. Man, I so shoulda demanded antibiotics when I first saw a doctor about this "cold". I could tell I was well again within 6 hours of taking my first dose. And except for the spaced-out-ness I'm finally over that thing. I mean, as long as I keep taking them for another, what, six days?
Back in the olden days -- I musta been 18 -- I got mono. And whatever the doctor prescribed put me out, man. A friend called me on the phone. "Is Drew there?"
Me: "Uh... wait. Uh..."
Friend: Is this Drew?
Me: "I... Wait. There was... uh... something... I don't remember. Wait... uh... wait."
This exchange, as you can imagine, kinda freaked her out. But now I'm able to recognize it as the effect of trying to talk to me when I am sound asleep.

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