Sunday, January 08, 2012

Watch Out

Under "absurd questions": I've been wondering about what kinds of watches members of special forces wear. It turns out that "cheap and reliable" are really the only criteria for a watch. That means Casio and Timex LCD watches. Like this Casio sport watch:

Although from what I can tell the Casio G-Shock watches are the most popular:
G-shock watches
If you want something very complicated on your arm, Marines seem to like this Garmin Foretrex GPS:

As always, you have to click through to see the Amazon links above.
You know what I want? A miniature opera house. In or around New York City. You know what I don't think exists? Miniature opera houses.
My good friend Ed pointed out that Signature is going to have a neat little jewelbox space, designed by Gehry. But it will look very Gehry-modern. I'm looking for something more old-fashioned-y. A puppet theater. With footlights.
I also want a dryer which actually dries a whole load of laundry.


Lindsay Stewart said...

gehry sucks the awesome out of space and replaces it with folded design turds.

Andrew Bellware said...