Saturday, August 04, 2012


I've been obsessed with Foyle's War. Or, possibly, "addicted".
I'm sort of lucky with my addictions in that rather than a downward spiral to hit bottom I just have to see every freakin' episode and then I'm fine. It's like if there were, say, six seasons of cocaine, and some set number of episodes of cocaine in each season. All I have to do is snort every episode of every season until I get to the end. And as long as they don't make new episodes of cocaine my analogy is completely absurd and I'm just going to stop.
The New York Times asks Is Algebra Necessary?
I have this bad feeling that the reason math is so daunting to most people is because of an internecine argument between theoretical and applied mathematicians. If you're a theoretical mathematician and this turns out to be true, you better calculate how much I'm going to smack you. Oh, you say that would be applied mathematics, don't you? You'll still get smacked.

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