Friday, August 17, 2012

Standard Mouse

Welcome to Standards and Practices Day in the Tyrannosaurus Mouse.

Actually, today's issues involve putting Prague Spring music up on Bandcamp so that our friend Ed can have his "Best Of" album. This work is being done while other machines are rendering.

Ripping music from my own CD's is not quite as easy as I'd hoped. But now I'm using Exact Audio Copy. Nevermind the spammy ads on their website, it comes well recommended. And although it won't actually fix the little glitches I'm getting in the song "Real World", at least it'll tell me that Real World needs to be fixed (and since the glitches appear in different places each time I rip the song I can edit together an unglitched version.

I've been trying to figure out the best naming scheme for ripped songs. There is advice on the Internet about this:

Artist/Album/track* - tracktitle

if the album is multidisc (like Beatles white album), I like:

Artist/Album/Disc 1/track* - tracktitle

[and I replaygain the entire album (all discs) as an album so the album gain is the same for all the discs....e.g., a 3 disc grateful dead show which is a single concert

If album is compilation disc, I use:

Compilations/Album/track* - tracktitle

(with /disc 1, etc. after album for multidisc sets)


Unknown said...

Is it the need for the highest possible quality of the ripped selections that makes it such a complicated ordeal? I thought my fairly no-frills CD-copying software is capable of producing exact, no-data-loss copies of selections from CDs. No?

Andrew Bellware said...

There is, if I understand correctly, the matter of error correction. CD players use error correction in order to deal with data errors on the CD so the music doesn't go "sploink" if some 1's and 0's are missing. Uh. So although it *might be* that a copy is exact using whatever software is lying around, it ain't necessarily so. As far as I understand it.

Unknown said...

So you're bored stiff and looking for something to occupy some time, if I grok correctly.

Andrew Bellware said...

Oh no, I'm very busy. I'm just fitting this task in and I want to do it right.