Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Roscoe Sees Self

Roscoe is one of two cats staying in my apartment for a couple days. I believe Roscoe has already done a sweep of things up in high places and made sure they're earthquake-proof by smacking everything not locked down onto the floor.
Notice convenient bell-ringer on back of animal.
Roscoe decided to stare into the mirror. He's sitting on the "Pandora's box".


Christine Russo said...

what's the other kitty's name?

Andrew Bellware said...

The other (hiding) kitty is Izzy -- for Isabella. She's a nice and affectionate cat but she's old and in a new place so we're trying to keep someone here with her almost all day. Roscoe will put up with anything, he was lurking all over the apartment right away -- cleaning off the top of the refrigerator (we didn't need those bottles anyway).
But little Isabella needs some time.
The cats are drawing all kinds of positive energy into my apartment.