Friday, August 03, 2012

Mentant Patches

How to get "save as" back as a menu item in Apple's simply wonderful OS update (could you feel the sarcasm there? I can't tell.)

Cinefex is available for the iPad. Comically, I don't actually own an iPad but my parents each have one.
Scott Frizzle has some nice (and free!) plugins and scripts for AfterEffects. Like Quaker and Novaticular.

Kris Fremen writes a review on his blog of our movie Battle NY: Day 2.
He has an awesome name, like somebody out of Dune.
Anyway, his opinion of the picture is in almost direct opposition to mine. I mean it's like the 180degree polarity-swap of opinions. The parts he liked (the opening) are, to me, the weakest parts of the movie. I just hate the opening and if I could do it again I would probably just jump off a cliff. Yes, I dislike it that much.
The acting, however, I thought was very good. And I thought the big whirleydoomers worked great and looked very photoreal.
And oh. Look. He sub-heads his blog with "A mentant's ramblings" so... maybe the Dune reference was there all along.

I'm looking at jackets. The Clique Ladies jacket. There's these embroiderable windbreakers. I also dig the notion of lapel pins, or maybe just get some patches and get them sewn onto whatever we want.

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