Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Die Königin Mars und ich.

Die Königin Mars und ich
I lost my gadget. Wait. I lost it again.

Press the WINKEY+R to bring up the Run Dialog Box.
Copy / Paste this line in the Open box.

%ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe /showGadgets

(Make sure this command is entered exactly as shown, including the spaces and characters)

Press OK. 
Anyway, that advice above is from here.
Oh, it needs to be "always on top", which sounds like a girl I knew in Ganymede Prime.
If you wanted me to go from a moderate leftist to a screaming conservative there's be no better method that to make me read the S.H.A.M.E. website. Good grief.  The irony is that it's the yellowest People's Daily-esque rag I've seen in a while.

These Peltor hearing protectors are very cool and they come with a recommendation from Jeremy Crowson. They're expensive as all get-out though.

But this Caldwell E-Max is only thirty bucks.


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