Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First reading

So last night Maduka Steady and Kate Britton came in and recorded the dialog in The Imaginary Opera.

For me it was awesome just because I had a front-row seat to these lovely performances. We were a bit random when it came to who read for Holden and who read for Leon, which lead to help the impressionistic part of the opera.

Hearing Kate and Maduka do all the parts convinces me that we can totally use one actor for many parts. Kate even jokingly mentioned hand puppets but you know what? Hand puppets.
Maduka Steady.

About the text: my feeling is that we're in very good shape. I don't feel like the beginning of the show is like what the show is after the intermission. I feel that the Logan's Run references come in to heavily for not having been foreshadowed earlier. That's okay because I don't like calling Plissken a Blade Runner. I'm totally down with calling him a Sandman. And that's just what we're going to do.
Kate Britton

We're also going to write out the Krio.
Now it's time to work out the music...

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