Wednesday, February 27, 2013

That Which I'm Saying Today

Kangas has an interesting post about this web series. And they have a whole infographic about how they blew spent $600K.
The story costing $21K seems a bit much to me while the office expenses of $4K seems low. The thing they really didn't spend any money on was production sound. I'm not saying that because I saw the line-item on their graphic, I'm saying that because I've watched a couple episodes.

Drum miking
My Instagram
Drunk, violent and holding a gun.

The Appennine Colossus.

Bad filmmakers who accidentally made smart movies.


Kangas said...

What about their sound doesn't sound okay to you? I only watched a little of the first episode and didn't have any problem with it. (the stuff in the IRL studio has a lot of echo, but I think they were doing that on purpose to give it a studio sort of sound).

What'cha don't like? (and btw, you can tell those guns aren't firing cuz of the lack of blowback like we were chatting about before)

Andrew Bellware said...

Grr... I can't even post comments on my own blog.
It was the studio that bugged me.
Blowback. Bleh.