Thursday, February 07, 2013

Do do to you

I got a to-do list in order to finish my book.

  1. Drew makes sure the whole book is here, in the correct order
  2. Fix widows and orphans
  3. Update chapter page numbers if they've changed
  4. Proofread the whole thing!
  5. Finishing touches and fancy-ness

I'm formatting the interior of the book in... Open Office. Yeah, I know. But I also want to get the book done, you know what I mean? I made the interior text hyphanate and automatically Orphan and Widow control with the format editor. Right now I've set it to 3 characters at the beginning and end instead of 2 and it looks vastly better.
I'm at 229 pages. I need a cover image. I need a little button or bug that's the "Mobile Infantry" badge. Or not.

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