Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Six "Easy" Days

So I finished "writing" my "book". By that I mean I finished editing a parody of "No Easy Day".
Although there are very few paragraphs in the book I didn't manhandle in some way, much of the book was a search-and-replace changing things like Usama bin Laden to "The Xenomorph A. I." and "AK-47" to "SAG pulse rifle", "helicopter" to "drop boat".
The suit you see in the picture above does not adequately represent the Starship-Troopers-esque suit the protagonist wears in Six Easy Days. It's a CC model created by Joonas Sairiala.
To better match the original No Easy Day cover the background would need to be white. I don't yet know quite which way to go with this but I hope to just make a Createspace book by the end of the week so I can move on to other things.

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