Thursday, February 14, 2013

Icing the Body Electric

Another Samanas session, another experiment in recording. "Icing the Body Electric" is just guitars and drums. Greg has a new Moogerfooger and it's simply fantastic for these kinds of space-rock jams. These drums are recorded with just two Oktava mics, about 1.5 feet off the ground, spaced about a meter apart. Those mics are actually outside of the frame in this picture — that's how low they are.
I actually did record with the AKG C12A but that's not being used in this mix. The drums are still a bit creaky. We haven't located exactly what's so creakish about them yet. And the drums aren't loud enough compared to the (even reasonably amplified) guitars. We play relatively quietly — I don't even use earplugs (often) with this band (although you can see that Dave in the picture below is wearing hearing protection).
Greg Bartus, David Wolfe, and Andrew Bellware.
So we're thinking about baffles on the amplifiers and using a monitor system. It is, you know, a thought. Two overhead or room mics on the drums with a world of compression on them. All the other instruments separate.
Actually, I'm ashamed to admit it, but the bulk of the drum processing on this track is from a cheapo plugin -- Waves' CLA Drums. The expanders and compressors work together in a really monster way. I threw some other compression on there and plenty o'EQ of course, but it makes me feel better about my 2-microphone ideology for drums.
Dig the JamHub BedRoom. My entire goal here is to get Dave to play as oppressively loud as possible. Did I say that out loud?
I'm not supposed to say those things out loud. I need to check with my Controller to have that part of my personality adjusted. I mean, it's not like they can find me as long as I keep my aluminum-foil cap on.

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