Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Android Masquerade

So we have an amazing script. You ever go to one of those 2-Day film classes with Dov Siemans? He says you don't want a good script, you want a great script. If your script is just "good", go back and make it great.
And this new script (1301) is a Steven J. Niles script. And it's amazing. Actually, I haven't got the contract back from him so maybe I shouldn't tell him how completely off-the-hook this new screenplay is. But it is amazing.
And O! The elegance of the structure of it. Steven is the King, Royalty, I tell you, of making compelling stuff happen in a limited number of locations.
  • We need a desert landscape.
  • A futuristic apartment
  • A command center/operations tent
  • An interrogation cell
  • An exterior alleyway.
The exterior alleyway is, surprisingly, always one of the hardest locations to find. You'd think that us shooting in NYC we'd have them no problem. They're everywhere, right? Covered in graffiti and trash? Man, it is so not 1979 here anymore.
We really need to do a million-dollar job on the futuristic apartment set. It has to look like we had all the money. I have some ideas. 3-foot wide sections of set which are about 6 or 7 feet high. Must have ceiling. Must have floor.
For CG we're going to steal the open-source models from Ian Hubert's latest Blender Foundation project. Oh, and also get some city walls around New York.
Did I mention that this script is off the lanyard? Because it totally is. I imagine Steve writing it and thinking "Oh, Drew likes dark. I can do dark. Let's see if Drew can handle an ending that's this freakin' dark. We'll make Brazil look like 12th Night. We're gonna go dark." I can't wait.


MarkMarcarian said...

Where is the trailer Andrew??

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