Friday, February 08, 2013

Got 'em if you Smoke 'em

Hi. My name is Drew and this is my public service announcement.
Do you smoke? Did you know that smoking is really, really bad for you? I mean it's really bad for you. Even worse for you than "they" say it is. It messes up your cardiovascular system post haste.
It's really bad for you.
But you know that already. And you still smoke. Hey, I can dig it. I eat way too much. I don't exercise enough. I'm totally on-board with where you're at.
So let me lay onto you an alternative. Instead of "just quit smoking" which is for many people simply impossible, try electronic cigarettes instead.
For whatever reason, our vehemently anti-harm-reduction culture just won't admit it, but e-cigs are simply not harmful to you.
But you can smoke them. And they can deliver however much nicotine you want.
Look. You don't smoke so you can inhale tar or other cancerous stuff. You want the nicotine. Maybe you want to hold something in your hand.
Here are some reasons to switch to e-cigs:
  • They won't kill you.
  • You can smoke indoors. They don't smell bad like cigarette smoke.
  • They won't kill you.
  • In many places they're cheaper than regular cigarettes.
  • They won't kill you.
So if you smoke, try e-cigs. There are a gazillion brands out there and you can get them at any local place which usually sells tobacco.
There. I'm glad I got that off my chest.

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