Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bite Celtx Mouse

Makeup FX: bite marks.

You know what I wish Celtx would do?
  • Merge characters (because you frequently get "duplicates" of characters, some of whom show up in some scenes and not others)
  • Print a day's sides based on the schedule (because, you know, that would make life easier).
Right now we are in fact using Celtx to schedule feature films. I'm sure we're the only ones out there doing that. We scheduled our last movie (and I think we didn't miss any scenes) and we're scheduling our next picture too. We. Shall. See.

New York Sea Gypsies, not the world's most politically-correct name for a dive organization, do dives through the winter off of New Jersey.

Are you aware that the Tyrannosaurus Mouse album is out now? You'll be able to buy it on Amazon.

Wait, no. You can buy it on Amazon now.

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