Saturday, November 03, 2007

Domukuns Bothering Me.

First of all, a ginourmous congratulations to Jim Mickle whose movie Mulberry Street will be in freakin' theaters on November 9. I would like to point out that I was the first to say that his picture would, without doubt, get distribution. I've been following Jim's movie since early drafts of the script and early test screenings and hopefully if any of my advice was ever taken it just made the movie better. I'll take all the credit I can! ;-) All I can say is I'd like to be half the director Jim is (I'd love it if the other half were John Frankenheimer, but that's besides the point.)
You can see Mulberry Street if you live in Birmingham Alabama, Ashland Kentucky, or even New York, New York. November 9. I'll be there!


Is there a writer's strike? Boy, it sure would be good for a little production company like ours if there were. Just shut down Hollywood for a couple years so we can get our business under way -- that would be best. At least shut it down 'till Cannes.

Which brings me to this:


Here's the conundrum. We place the picture at a market before we even have a rough cut and maybe we score some deals at the next market. Or: we wait and possibly get a bigger rep with some festival play and get a bigger deal, possibly theatrical. I'd been thinking that for genre films that perhaps the route of "go to festivals, get a big-name rep and make a sale to theatrical" (which is what's required by art-house pictures) wasn't necessary. That is, after all, how most of the direct-to-dvd people seem to do it (meaning, they ignore the festivals).
But that's not how those who did much better (than we did on our last picture) have done it.

So I guess the perfect time to shoot a picture is in May. That way no decisions need to be made. Sundance has an early September deadline. But they don't notify 'till early December. Tribeca's deadline is sometime in early December. Oh. So yeah that doesn't work, the deadlines are all afluffled. Pleh.
In any case, we're repped by Halcyon, which so far has only grossed $48K in sales for worldwide (not North American) on our last picture. We'll see how we do on this new picture. I sure wish that the After Dark Horrorfest took sci-fi too...

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