Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Like those voting machines are attached to anything --

Your entire problem is that you don't have your own LOLCats Calendar.

Afeard that your Microsoft PC is a zombie in a bot-net? Microsoft's free scanner.

Go ahead, click on the big white .gif at the left. I'll wait.

And you know what, I've been saying this for years. From the KungFu Monkey.

It's time for our robot overlords.

I think I've made, at this point, 3 movies about it.

John: How do we get into the good graces of the robot overlords?
Tyrone: Support them early . Urge others to vote for them.
John: I thought you said --
Tyrone: Sure they'll rig the election. But appearance of support is everything in order to curry concessions. Look at the Religious Right.
John: Bumper stickers.
Tyrone: Good. Very simple design. A silhouette of a robot, or one red eye. And a nice clean logline. "Vote Robot Overlord. They'll Know if You Didn't"
John: "Vote Robot Overlord: Like You Have a Choice."
Tyrone: See, you're good at this.
John: That's not a compliment.

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