Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sundance Betty

The beautiful and talented Betty Ouyang, who was in our movie Pandora Machine, is in a movie at Sundance this year.

And Lanie Zipoy got the Russian Chamber Chorus a 4 inch column in the New York Daily News today. Laura wrote the press release.

Back to Betty's movie: it's called Frozen River (not the 1929 Rin Tin Tin movie linked in this New York Times article).

Interestingly, the article alludes to one of the deep dark secrets about Sundance:
Sundance, both a pre-eminent showcase for American cinema and a freewheeling bazaar for movie executives, tries to cope with the annual deluge of films by tracking scores of potential submissions throughout the year. But more than half of the 2008 lineup emerged “from the pile,” Mr. Gilmore said, meaning without the benefit of advance buzz from the festival’s network of talent and sales agents, established filmmakers and other scouts."

This means that even this year, with all those movies graciously selected by Mr. Gilmore's staff "from the pile", half the movies at Sundance are "pre-selected" (by the act of someone who knows Gilmore making a phone call to him).

I love it that all of us without someone to make that fateful phone call are lumped together as being "from the pile".

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, Drew!

If anyone is going to be at Sundance 2008, please check out "Frozen River" by Courtney Hunt.

It is about single moms on minimum wage, the Native American community, human trafficking, the American Dream, immigrant from India and China, international crime rings... and some pretty great chase scenes also.


--Betty Ouyang
appearing as "Li Wei" in FROZEN RIVER