Thursday, November 01, 2007


We're just waiting.

Waiting on the AFM. It's going on right now. Will there be any sales? What's going to happen?

Nobody knows.

I'm taking the day off. Hangin' with the cat. Actually, I started the day with my flu shot.

I did notice that there's an advertisement for "The HD Web" which uses a Blender - made movie "Elephants Dream". I like me some open source. I wish there were something adequate with which to really replace Photoshop. I don't like Gimp. Feh. And furthermore I want to be able to run DirectX audio plugins in Wine. No, I'm not looking up the websites to provide links. But I would totally go Ubuntu if I could...

And I think I figured out a kluge to solve my problem with the alpha-channel being punched out by the z-buffer when I'm using the DoF filter in Blender. Yes, I still don't really understand any of that but I did find that the alpha - hole is not 100% "black". It's just a "grey". So in After Effects I can drag down the level of the "white input" of the alpha channel only. And that gets me back my freakin' alpha channel on the robot.


But today I'm just looking at pictures of fuzzy things on the Interwebs.

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