Thursday, November 01, 2007


Inflating a pig. From cuteoverload. Of course.
First you inflate the pig. Then you float across the meadow. Easy!

The following is my rant during a conversation with Brian Schiavo:

EVERYBODY thinks the movie is about them. The writer thinks it's all about him, (I mean, except in Mac's case - I still have no idea what he thinks), the art department, costumes, makeup, actors, sound, music, picture editorial, all think it's about them. Don't forget the camera-freakin'-department, they've convinced most people it's all about them, and dear Lord -- the Director. The idiot Director thinks it's his movie... but the fact is it's not about any of 'em.

It's about the movie.

We do two things: beat up on people on pricing, and say the word "no" a lot.

Here's the way conversations between department heads and the producer should be handled:

"This movie would be so much better if..."



Chance Shirley said...

I was halfway through your rant thinking, "Duh. It's about the movie."

Thanks for agreeing with me.

Andrew Bellware said...

No problem. Whenever you need to find someone to agree with you, just gimme a ring! ;-)