Monday, December 22, 2008


Ed McNamee has me almost convinced to buy Toontrack EZdrummer.

Maybe if someone's complaining that they can't find anything for me for Christmas, I'll suggest that.


As far as Christmas goes, everybody gets cheese this year. My whole tribe is descending on Princeton NJ this year. Ergo: you get cheese. The only person getting anything more than cheese is my dad (who I assure you does not read this blog, because reading blogs on the Internet is just an additional pain-in-the-tuchus)*. He gets nice Sennheiser wireless headphones. I gotta figure out how to hook them up.

This amuses me:

*I had to take the brunt of his yelling about the interface to Facebook the other day. Why me? I didn't design it. Not that I blame him for yelling about it. The interface drives me nuts too. In addition, he hates GMail. I've informed my dad that my sister Jean is his IT department, not me. I am strictly Physical Plant support. He apparently did not get the new org chart.

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