Thursday, December 04, 2008

This is going to be hysterical

Our Mac Rogers wrote the book. It's a musical. If it's anything like his last couple of musicals my side will hurt from laughing.

And it's a perfect graphic design for a poster. Here's the press release:


To my beloved fans,

Please join me in welcoming the first Jews to ever set foot in Cricket Creek, South Dakota, by sharing the story of Channukah (the Jewish version of Christmas)! I have dedicated over an hour of research into this adorable holiday and I think you're going to be blown away by our authenticity and chutzpah (a favorable Jewish term) as we present:

The First Annual St. Ignatius Channukah Pageant*

There will be singing, dancing, romance, triumph over adversity and some genuine Jewish humor! And all in under an hour! See below for details and see you... at the show!

Mazel Tov,
Arlene Dutailier
Producing Artistic and Managerial Director
The St. Ignatius Players

*sponsored by Hamm's Hardware. Thank you, Hamm's!



Monday 12/15, Tuesday 12/16, Thursday 12/18, Friday 12/19, Monday 12/22

All shows at 7pm Tickets $18




I think we should have a new rule. No play shall be produced without Arlene Dutalier as Producing Artistic and Managerial Director.

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