Friday, December 19, 2008

Chaunnakah is on Monday

First of all, when was it exactly that Mick Jagger couldn't get no girly action? Secondly, what is up with that shirt he's wearing? I don't think the ultra-thin lead singer of a band from Williamsburg would wear that shirt ironically.

I believe this was a number 1 song in the US when I was born.

We have an offer for North American distribution on Alien Uprising. That would be a movie we haven't actually completed yet. We're workin' on it. We don't have North American for Solar Vengeance yet, but we do have some great artwork for the Japanese version which we can't show you yet.

I'm kinda thinking about getting a dark chocolate dradle


jengordonthomas said...

I love Charlie Watts look of utter boredom as he pretends to play drums to a recording. He always looks as if he's thinking about what's on his grocery list.

Andrew Bellware said...

To me he looks like he's thinking "I've done this before. I'm not even going to play a fill here."

'Tis amusing.